Thomas Weilby Knudsen

Thomas-120x120Thomas has worked with venture capital (VC) for more than a decade. He has gained extensive experience in establishing new businesses across Europe and has specialized in maturing businesses for the US market. He joined IVS in 2002, and when it became Northcap Partners in 2006, he was a driving force in establishing the current Northcap team and firm.

Since closing his first VC investment with the hosting company in 2000, Thomas has now more than 20 investment under his belt. Taking a special interest in cloud computing and SaaS businesses, Thomas built his first SaaS business in 1996, which he grew to 200,000 subscribers across four countries.

Prior to joining the VC business, Thomas held several senior management positions in IT and Internet-based companies. Among other merits, Thomas led the Managed Services business unit at Cybercity (Telenor) launching a number of innovative products in a highly competitive market, and at TDC, Thomas built a new business unit from scratch. He received his M.Sc. degree in Finance and Business Administration from University of Aarhus, Denmark.

Around the office Thomas is said to have an impatient mindset, which might explain why he prefers action sports like running or mountain biking over a trip to the golf course.

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