GAN Integrity

Online Compliance Platform

GAN Integrity transforms the way compliance programs operate by bringing together all the critical compliance systems, documents and data into a single, fully-integrated platform.


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Next generation streaming service for esports

Znipe TV offers a streaming solution for esports that allows users to customize and control their visual experience. It is possible to watch up to four players simultaneously by selecting from the twelve streams and arranging them in the unique single, double, triple and quad view modes.


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Intelligent links for music marketing

Linkfire is a service that creates intelligent links for music marketing. Smart links allow to connect artists, albums, tracks and playlists with consumers across multiple devices and numerous access and ownership platforms.


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sekoia logo to use

Software platform for applications in the welfare sector

Sekoia is an open software platform for ambient assistant living. Rethinking how care homes work, the added value is based on apps supporting the aged and their helpers. In customization these handle the different needs from daily tasks and activities to communication, rehabilitation and other social or healthcare needs.


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Service marketplace

Colego connects customers to trusted (local) service providers no matter the service required. The service is free, safe and easy to use for customers, and an effective way for service providers to expand their customer base.


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Social Media Management Suite

Falcon is the tool of choice for organisations engaging in social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Youtube. It’s a comprehensive solution providing a full set of features from team moderation to listening and analytics in one unified user interface.
The company is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark.

“We have seen great investor interest but we chose Northcap due to their operational competencies in building a scalable business system and rapid internationalization.”
Ulrik Bo Larsen, CEO, Falcon.io



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Flexible Insurance Software

Insurance Business Applications (IBApps) is creating a new category and new generation of insurance software solutions. Their multi-channel sales front-end helps agents and insurance companies to swiftly and efficiently adapt to the dynamics of their distribution model. IBApps helps some of the largest insurance companies in the World with bringing new products to market faster and more efficiently.


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Mobile Advertising

adQuota provides high advertising value for brands and agencies on mobile devices through relevant, targeted and engaging mobile advertising. adQuota offers the complete infrastructure and support for mobile media advertising, focused on Rich Media formats for apps and web sites on both mobile devices and tablets.


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Business Intelligence

Analyse2 provides custom-made assortment management solutions for food retailers and their suppliers. Solutions are based on a unique software tool that combines product attributes, consumer trends and sales data to help companies capitalize shopper understanding and build the optimal assortment. The company is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland.


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High Performance Database

Realm is a database embedded directly in the programming language. It has 10% of the footprint and 1000x the performance.


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Telecom Services

IntelePeer is a leading provider of on-demand cloud-based communications services to service providers and enterprises. IntelePeer is transforming communications by delivering multimodal communications like voice, video, and SMS, across devices, networks and geographies. The company is headquartered in Palo Alto, CA, USA.


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Payment solution

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a representative of a larger company or a webshop owner, ViaBill is the trusted financial service provider you need to secure your invoice payments and debtor handling. ViaBill monitors the payment process and sends out reminders automatically to late payers – free of charge for you.
The company is located in Aarhus, Denmark.


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Information services

Visiopharm is a leading provider of advanced software for quantitative microscopy within the life science industry. The software combines the strengths of image analysis and stereology into one software platform, which is designed to operate on a wide variety of microscopes and virtual slide microscopes. The Visiopharm solution is fully compatible with the solutions of all the leading hardware brands.
The company headquarters are located in Hoersholm, Denmark.


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Internet Media Streaming Software

Octoshape provides cloud-based HD video streaming solutions with the world’s highest scalability. A very low unit cost combined with a fantastic user experience including Instant-On, Fast Seek, and DVR, catapults the web video experience to the next level.
The company is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark.


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sgopgate logo 263x63

Mobile Commerce

Shopgate is the world leading mobile commerce platform. It enables online merchants to easily offer their products through apps and mobile web to the fast growing market of mobile buyers.


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Insurance Butler App

COMPARO –  Comparo is a free app for consumers, enabling users to store all their insurance data in one app for easy access and full overview. Through partnerships with insurance companies, users can also receive individual in-app offers on their insurance portfolio.


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Enterprise Software

Kapow Software is a category leader in its field of cloud integration developing and marketing its product suite worldwide. The Kapow solution integrates and automates company processes across all workflows, resources and relationships, internally as well as externally.
Today Kapow is headquartered in Palo Alto, CA, USA.

“Northcap and their network were key in the initial establishment of Kapow Technologies in the US. Today the vast majority of our revenues come from the US market.”
Stefan Andreasen, founder and CEO, Kapow Technologies



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Online Publication Services

Zmags Commerce Pro is an online marketing and publishing platform for enterprise catalogs and other relevant marketing material. With more than 3000 customers, Zmags has established itself as a leader in its field.
Today Zmags is headquartered in Boston, MA, USA.


Contact at Northcap: Kim Wiencken