Preben Mejer

Preben-MejerPreben is recognized as one of the most influential IT experts in Denmark. He was the founder of DanaData, the largest IBM PC solutions reseller in Denmark in 1983. Eleven years later, in 1994, he then founded TDC Internet, the first and leading commercial internet service provider in Denmark. Since 1998, Preben has been focusing on new technologies and trends based on pervasive computing and the new business opportunities emerging from this.

Furthermore, Preben has co-founded Innovation Lab, a 30 employee non-profit organization dedicated to future technology and trends. Preben is a member of Board of Directors at Gyldendal, Systime, Publizon and Topas Travel. He is on the advisory board of Danish government ICT and Region Midtjylland IT, as well as on the board of the research activities at The Alexandra Institute.

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