Frank Ewald

Frank-EwaldFrank has more than 25 years of entrepreneurial and investment experience in the international computer and data broadcasting industry. Frank was a partner and co-founder of pre-Northcap company, IVS. During his time at IVS, Frank was responsible for developing several portfolio companies, including Ascio Technologies, where he served as Chairman before the company was sold to Group NBT in 2007.

In 1996, Frank founded The Fantastic Corporation, where he acted as CEO, and subsequently from 1997-1999, as Senior Vice-President and Sales and Marketing Manager. In 1999, Fantastic had one of the most successful IPOs on the Deutsche Neue Markt. Prior to that, Frank was International Sales Director of the high-tech company, Tenfore International, which launched Europe’s first broadband online service for satellite and cable networks.

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